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Schedule an Event on Campus

With fully-equipped theaters, conference rooms, 和更多的, VHCC is the perfect facility for your next meeting. This is a service offered to organizations that need meeting spaces for the following purpose:

  • Educational programs for the College.
  • College student, faculty, or staff directed activities.
  • College sponsored events and/or activities.
  • Non-profit community or civic group/organization events and /or activities.
  • 其他 non-sectarian, 是非大学, and non-political group/organization events and/or activities promoting training, public service, or economic development purposes.

To schedule an event on campus, please fill out the form below at least two weeks prior to your event date.

When permission is granted for use of College facilities after hours, which includes weekends, official holidays, and between academic terms, the requesting organizations may be asked to cover the cost of providing any necessary services (custodial, technical support, 安全, 等.) or other College personnel.

Submitting a request does not guarantee a room reservation. Please allow 5 -7 business days for notification of your room request approval. You will receive an email verification stating details.

Is your group/organization non-profit?

As a representative for the group/organization listed above I hereby make application to Virginia Highlands Community College for use of College facilities and will observe all regulations of VHCC, will exercise the utmost care in the use of the College’s premises and property, and will make restitution for any damage arising from the use of said premises and property. As the representative I understand the group/organization is responsible for paying for the services of any additional staff required. 

Please submit this form if you are the authorized representative and agree to the above statement.  

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